Dad, What's an ERA?

Everything I have learned about the game of baseball I learned from my dad, Jerry.

dad reading to me when i was 2One of my earliest childhood memories is of our family sitting in our den watching the 1987 World Series, furiously waving our Homer Hankies and scribbling on our score sheets.

We used to turn down the volume to do the play-by-play ourselves and give the players our own nicknames.

My dad's favorite player? Next to the since-retired Harmon Killebrew, it was Kirby Puckett. So, of course, he became mine.

Be the Best You Can BeFor my twelfth birthday, he gave me a book - "Kirby Puckett: Be the Best You Can Be." I still cry when I read it.

I often wonder who his favorite player would be today, if he were still alive. Probably Joe Mauer... he had a thing for sweet swings.

He taught me how to fish, throw a mean curve and how to shoot hoops. He bandaged my knees, kissed me goodnight and set me straight when I got into trouble. There's something amazing about a man who can make all seven of his children feel special.

He molded me into the woman I am today and for that, I am grateful.

Happy Father's Day to all you Pops out there.

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