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Blah Blah Steroids

Texas Rangers infielder Jerry Hairston Jr.'s name came up Friday and a ninth person was arrested in a widespread steroids investigation out of upstate New York.

Hairston got a prescription for human growth hormone (HGH) in May 2004 from a doctor jailed in the case. The drugs were sent from Applied Pharmacy Services in Mobile, Alabama, whose owners have been indicted by an Albany County New York grand jury.

Hairston, of course, claims he has never taken steroids. "For proof, just look at me. My body has not changed since I came into the league in 1998." He went on to say that he prepares hard for spring training and for each game by working out in the offseason and throughout the season, adding that he takes baseball very seriously.

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Gary Matthews Jr., former slugger Jose Canseco and former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield were also on Applied Pharmacy's customer list, according to the Times Union of Albany, which broke the story.

Apparently, drugs were sent to addresses in Arizona and Maryland that were traced to Hairston, but there is no evidence that Hairston actually received and used any of them. "No matter what I say, people assume I'm guilty," he said. "That hurts me tremendously, I just don't know... Just unbelievable."

Illegal steroid distribution networks are being targeted by prosecutors in upstate New York while two pharmacies in Orlando, Florida were raided Tuesday. Nine people in three states have already been arrested and as many as 24 could face felony charges when the investigation is complete.

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