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David Ortiz Wants to Stick Around Boston, Regardless of Red Sox Problems

All things considered, some big league players may not want to be associated with a team whose ridiculous September collapse has been blamed on drinking beers and eating fried chicken in the clubhouse. David Ortiz is not one of those players. Besides, it's not like they were the only team enjoying some rally beers.

After earning the highest honor a player can accomplish when he received the Roberto Clemente Award before Game 2 of the World Series on Thursday, Ortiz had this to say about his team's troubles:

“You guys know it all, already. I don’t have to add anything. I’m there every day, but I do what I’ve got to do. I have no more comment on that. You guys know it all.”

Eligible for free agency after the World Series, Ortiz batted .309 with 29 homers and 96 RBI this season. He said given the mess the team has found itself in -- the rumors, losing their general manager and banishing their skipper -- it’s a little too early to start talking about a new contract. In an interview with ESPN last month, Big Papi eluded to the idea he would play for the New York Yankees if given the chance. Not cool. However, he squashed that notion on Thursday:

“I never said that I would sign with the Yankees. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. They asked me if I would play for the Yankees. I said I would think about it. But I didn’t confirm to nobody that I would play for the Yankees. I’m still a Red Sox, aren’t I?”

'A Red Sox'... we've always struggled with the possessive and singular of that team's name.

Wherever the soon-to-be 36-year-old designated hitter ends up in 2012, Commissioner Bud Selig surely has a lot he'd like to (and definitely will) say to the Sawx organization after the Fall Classic ends.

[Boston Herald]


It's 2010 Home Run Derby Time!

Update: Good job, Big Papi.

Here is the lineup for the Midsummer Classic 2010 State Farm Home Run Derby contest, in order of appearance. Who ya got?


Big Papi Has 99 Problems

New York Yankees fan (and Boston Red Sox hater) rapper Jay-Z is suing the pants of David Ortiz.

Apparently, the rapper and his business partner, Juan Perez, filed a lawsuit against the slumping designated hitter on Thursday for copyright infringement. Big Papi opened a night club in the Dominican Republic and called it "Forty-Forty" which is similar in its name to Jay-Z's "40/40 Club" sports bars.

You know what? This is so dumb. All three of these jokers have more money than God as it is. I'm thrilled to see them fight over their Benjamins.

Maybe MLB should sue Ortiz, since he's never even had 40 homers and 40 steals in a season. Not even in little league.

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Ortiz To Hold News Conference With Weiner

liar, liar pants on fire.David Ortiz owes his fans (and the people who could care less) an explanation as to why he alledegly tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs back in 2003.

The Boston Red Sox semi-slugger, along with future players' union head honcho Michael Weiner will hold a news conference this Saturday (in enemy territory) at Yankee Stadium just before the series finale.

According to Big Papi, the union confirmed the presence of his name on the infamous court-sealed 2003 steroids list last week. He has had very little to say since then, but I believe we can let his bat do the talking.


Just sayin'.

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Blah Blah Steroids: Big Papi Edition

David Ortiz has become the latest player named in major league baseball’s steroid scandal, confirming Thursday that the players’ union told him he tested positive back in 2003.
"I’ve just been told that the report is true," said the Boston Red Sox slugger. "Based on the way I lived my life I’m surprised to learn I tested positive."
Though Ortiz has never been linked to the drug scandal, it's no surprise he tested positive along with former teammate Manny Ramirez six years ago.

So yeah, stop acting so shocked.

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Proud To Be An American Eh, Jason Bay?

Boston Red Sox slugger Jason Bay is a lover of America’s pastime, and now he gets to be an American. That must feel pretty good after striking out five times yesterday against the Baltimore Orioles.


The Canadian left fielder will become a U.S. citizen this afternoon in a ceremony at Faneuil Hall in Boston. Bay, a native of British Columbia, is following in the footsteps of Dominican-born teammate David Ortiz, who was sworn in last summer at Fenway Park.

At least he waited until the day after Canada Day.

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Big Papi Needs A Slump Buster

Slump Buster!

It's not uncommon for sluggers to go through slumps, and while some last longer than others, there are a few who end up having a crappy season altogether.

"Slump" is not the word for what David Ortiz is going through right now. He's just plain awful, and even New York Yankees fans are starting to feel bad for the guy. Let's look at his previous numbers, dating back to the last three seasons...

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Big Papi's Slump Buster Worked

Slump or lack of steroids? The world may never know.

Well, it took forever, but David Ortiz has finally busted his slump. We'll let you contemplate the ways.

In the fifth inning of Wednesday night's 8-3 win over the Toronto Blue Jays, the Boston Red Sox designated hitter nailed a two-run shot off rookie Brett Cecil to straightaway center for his first longball of the season. The slump lasted 149 at-bats dating back to last season, which marks the longest homerless drought of his career. That's one home run on the year for Ortiz, and yes, it's May 20th.


Way to Go, Papi!

It's hip to be American
Congratulations to David Ortiz for having such sweet sunglasses.

...and becoming a citizen of the United States.

[Boston Globe]


Francona vs. Big Papi: Who you got?

It's a classic story. Manager does interview. Player clowns around in the background. Manager threatens to kick player's ass. Even better when the manager is Terry Francona and the player is David Ortiz.

The magic happens at the end of the interview.

I seriously think Francona could take him.


Out of Commission

Willie Randolph and Jose Valentin - all banged up.After fouling a pitch off his shin and breaking his right tibia Friday night, New York Mets veteran second baseman Jose Valentin will be out at least 6 weeks - which could mean the rest of the season barring a trip to the playoffs for the Mets.

Valentin is batting .241 with 3 longballs and 18 RBIs this season.

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Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz is sidelined with a left shoulder strain, which is not considered serious. Big Papi, hitting .321 with 16 homers and 60 RBIs, was thrown out diving in an attempt to stretch a single into a double Friday night - but an MRI showed no structural damage.

To make matters worse, the All-Star first baseman was slapped with a lawsuit by Steiner's Sports Marketing for not signing enough memorabilia for fans or appearing at as many meet-and-greet events as his contract stated.

[Extra Bases]

Carl Crawford sprains his ankle Saturday.Tampa Bay Devil Rays only sign of talent left fielder Carl Crawford left Saturday's first game of a doubleheader against the New York Yankees in the fifth inning with a left ankle sprain.

Crawford hurt himself beating out an infield hit in the top of the third, but limped around after stepping on the bag awkwardly and hobbled for the rest of the inning.

Wheels is batting .290 with 6 homers and 5 RBIs.

[Devil Rays]


Sunday's Babelicious Scoreboard

Good news. Big Papi finally hit out of a 2-for-18 slump Sunday, smoking a solo shot in the first inning and adding a two-run bomb in the third that put the Boston Red Sox ahead of the Texas Rangers for his 27th career multi-homer game.