Share Your Fenway Memory, Win a Remembering Fenway Park Book

Would you like to read this amazing book, Remembering Fenway Park, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the oldest ballpark in the country? We want to give it to you as a gift.

All you have to do is share a picture with us of yourself at Fenway. You can be with your buddies, your weird family, or all by yourself... you don't even have to be a Red Sox fan. There are three ways to do this...

1) Tweet your photo to
2) Share it on our
3) Email us at

Then we will pick one of you at random this evening and announce it via Facebook and Twitter. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces and ugly mugs!

Remembering Fenway Park by Harvey Frommer (foreward by Johnny Pesky) beautifully documents the stadium’s entire career through a decade-by-decade account, a priceless collection of historical photographs, and vivid, first-person reminiscences of the people to whom this great place has meant so much: journalists, players, and fans.


Bassmaster said...

That book looks awesome. I've never been to Fenway, but I'm hoping to go someday.

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