Season Previews: Minnesota Twins

With Opening Day upon us, we're finally getting around to wrapping up our Season Previews. Five years ago, they began as a semi-serious analysis and ended up as half-assed haiku. We're just gonna go with what we know. As our final preview of the 2012 season, and polishing off our preview of the American League Central, let's check out the Minnesota Twins.

Pavano's mustache
Duensing and Liriano
Also Nick Blackburn

Capps is the closer
Hendriks is Australian
Perkins in the pen

Jason Kubel's gone
Michael Cuddyer left too
Along with Nathan

Willingham in left
He signed a three-year deal
Revere plays in right

Span in center field
He bowls for charity and
Bats left-handed too

Mauer at the plate
See if he can stay healthy
Or Doumit will catch

Chris Parmlee at first
And Valencia at third
Morneau's the DH

Carroll's the shortstop
Casilla at second base
Turning double plays

Random infielders
Include Luke Hughes and Burroughs
Plouffe's on the bench too

The Twins sucked last year
And unless no one gets hurt...
They'll suck this year too

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