Let's Get Denarded In Here

Check out Sooze wearing that sweet Let's Get Denarded t-shirt by the fabulous t-shirt makers DiamondCentric Apparel. There's even a no. 2 on the back.

This could quite possibly be the best way to celebrate the badassery of Minnesota Twins center fielder Denard Span.

We know you want one.

All you have to do is leave a comment about what you would do while wearing this shirt, and we'll pick the most creative one tomorrow night. Go.

[Let's Get Denarded T-shirt]


RB said...


Braden said...

Sooze you and your friend are ADORABLE. While wearing the Denarded shirt, I'd watch the Twins...hopefully win.


I'd wear it to Fenway when the Twins roll into town late this summer and probably get stabbed in the stomach...because Red Sox Nation is a fickle bunch.

Baseballpaul said...

I'd consider being the Target Field Batman, a la Baltimore, but more likely I'd Photo bomb my twitter stream with pictures of me getting Denarded at every local watering hole around Target Field.

Sunmoons5 said...

Well, I'd dance-walk around Target Field wearing this bad boy! Is there any question? :)

Bassmaster said...

I'd wear it every single day until it walked off my back because Denard Span is AWESOME!!

mark said...

Dang! Talk about two stellar-looking gals. Bring back the tube tops I say.

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