Season Previews: Tampa Bay Rays

With Spring Training well underway, it's time for one of our favorite things in all the world: Season Previews. Five years ago, they began as a semi-serious analysis and ended up as half-assed haiku. We're just gonna go with what we know. Continuing our preview of the American League East, here are the 2012 Tampa Bay Rays.

Shields and David Price
Jeremy Hellickson and
Niemann and Davis

Matt Moore got a big
Five-year deal worth big bucks
The lefty throws heat

Pena at first base
Longoria HOT corner
Zobrist at second

Rodriguez at short
Brignac and Johnson back up
And ride on the bench

Lobaton catches
But Molina won't give up
Luke Scott is DH

Jennings in left field
B.J. Upton in center
Matt Joyce out in right

Peralta's alright
But Kyle Farnsworth will close
Brandon Gomes is back

Fernando Rodney
Scary presence on the mound
New one year deal

Last season the Rays
Couldn't get past the Rangers
Who will win the East?

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Anonymous said...

Cute pic, that would look good on my truck. GO RAYS!!

Anonymous said...

I love it too!!! May I steal it???

Sooze said...

Of course! We stole it from someplace... :)

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