Carlos Quentin Needs Knee Surgery

Carlos Quentin is expected to be sidelined 4-6 weeks after he has arthroscopic knee surgery this Monday. Bummer.

The San Diego Padres outfielder, acquired in a trade with the Chicago White Sox on New Year's Eve, began experiencing inflammation in his right knee shortly after reporting to spring training. However, even with a bum knee, Quentin batted .533 with a homer and four RBI in 15 at-bats this spring.

And while Quentin is rehabbing, he could always just go the less expensive route and make the trek to a Canada drug pharmacy to get some steroid-free medication. Wouldn't want to make the same mistake Ryan Braun did... allegedly. At any rate, Quentin sounds like he has everything under control:

"Spring training days can substitute for rehab days so I can get on the field as fast as possible and play games that do count. My other option involved trying to manage it. Knowing any type of slide or blunt-force trauma to the knee could re-aggravate it and miss an unforeseeable amount of games, this decision is made with the hope no games will be missed once the knee is healthy."


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