Scary Fernando Rodney Bullies Tampa Bay Rays into Giving Him a One-Year Deal

It's no secret that Fernando Rodney scares the crap out of us. In fact, we're pretty sure that he frightened the Tampa Bay Rays into giving him a one-year contract worth $2 million on Wednesday. The deal even has a club option for 2013. Hot Stove in Tampa Bay!

Let's be serious here for a minute. The right-hander's 4.50 ERA with the Los Angeles Angels last season doesn't exactly scream, "show me the money."

Rodney, who turns 35 in March, has seen his value sink drastically over the past two seasons. After signing a two-year, $11 million deal with the Halos back in 2009 as a free agent, he went on to provide the team with just 17 saves in 28 chances and compile a 7-8 record. He is a career 22-38 with a nice bloated 4.29 ERA over parts of nine seasons with the Angels and Detroit Tigers and has notched 87 saves in the past decade. What an athlete.

At least he can look forward to competing with Kyle Farnsworth in Tampa for the closer's job, which should be no competition at all. Because if Farny gets a job before you do, you have absolutely no business in the big leagues, pal.



Anonymous said...

With all the closers on the free agent market, these two yahoos got a job in Tampa Bay??

Anonymous said...

Farnsworth was 5-1 with a 2.18 ERA & 25 saves in 2011. Do you watch baseball?

Sooze said...

Do you have a sense of humor? Apparently not stat guy.

Braden said...


myra said...

the crooked hat look just adds to this idiot's completely clueless ability to get any outs, let alone be a closer. i saw him dive bomb so many games for the angels this past year - most boos i have ever heard at home for a player when he would be announced. love his comment in a past article; "i don't understand why i lost the closer spot" really? watch some tapes of your outings. good luck joe madden for getting this piece of crap.

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