Oakland Athletics Fans Get to Marvel at Coco Crisp's Afro for Another Two Seasons

Contrary to the popular belief that Coco Crisp was not planning on roaming the outfield for the Oakland Athletics next season, the club has brought him back for another two years after he decided he's rather play on the West coast 81 games a year rather than on a peninsula with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Of course, this business is top secret right now since the team has yet to divulge this information to the public. However, a source familiar with the club, who is speaking on condition of anonymity, says the deal is worth roughly $14 million and there is also a club option for 2014. The official announcement should come some time on Thursday after he passes his physical.

Over the past two seasons in Oakland, Crisp batted .269 with 16 homers and 92 RBI, adding nine triples and 81 stolen bases to his stats when he wasn't on the disabled list with an injured pinkie finger. I guess that's when he found time to have his afro braided.

I wonder if A's fans are happy to hear the news of the 32-year-old outfielder's return after general manager Brad Pitt Billy Beane unloaded several star players once again this offseason. (Hot Stove!)

They traded Jai Miller to the Baltimore Orioles for some straight cash earlier in the day, and also lost fellow outfielder Ryan Sweeney and closer Andrew Bailey in a swap with the Boston Red Sox recently. Gio Gonzalez was swept away in a trade with the Washington Nationals over the holidays, and let's not forget that Trevor Cahill is also long gone, as is Craig Breslow. They did get Josh Reddick and some minor leaguers along the way, though...

Here's hoping Crisp has the whole pinkie situation under control these days. And that afro.

[The Drum Beat]

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