Smokin' Hot Stove: San Diego Padres Get Huston Street from Colorado Rockies

Huston Street (best porn name in baseball, bow-chicka-wow-wow) was acquired by the San Diego Padres Wednesday for a player to be named from the Colorado Rockies.

Upon the departure of Heath Bell to the talent-hoarding Miami Marlins, the Padres found themselves without someone to shut the door on all those save situations they'll be experiencing next season. Naturally, the first team they turned to was the Rockies, who recently acquired Kevin Slowey from the Minnesota Twins for whatever reason. Clearly, Rafael Betancourt can handle himself in the ninth inning.

So, the two sides agreed that San Diego would take on the remaining chunk of Street's contract, valued at roughly $7.5 million for next season with an extra $9 million club option or a $500,000 buyout for 2013. All of this in exchange for a minor league PTBNL within the next six months, who is always hoped to be of equal value by the receiving team, but rarely is.

The 28-year-old righty went 1-4 with 29 saves and a 3.86 ERA with the Rockies last season.

We've always liked Huston Street. First of all, he's a closer and closers are hot, with a few exceptions. *cough* Matt Capps *cough* Second, he plays guitar. Everyone knows chicks can't control themselves around musicians. Third, we've never once heard him bitch about anything. We hate men who complain. The only thing that's rather fishy is that he claims to be a wine connoisseur.... not sure that we trust men who drink wine.

[Colorado Rockies]


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