Miami Marlins Pick up Jose Reyes for $106 Million

First of all, what the hell is going on with Jose Reyes' eyebrows? Stop it right now... Then again, I guess you can do whatever you want with your face when you're a multi-millionaire ballplayer.

The All-Star shortstop and reigning National League batting champion became the second top free agent to sign with the Marlins over the last few days, joining closer Heath Bell in the Sunshine State. Though Bell was given $27 million over three years, Reyes commanded much, much more: $106 million for a six-year contract. The deal includes a club option for 2018 that would bring his worth to around $120 million, according to an anonymous source close to negotiations.

Meanwhile, free agent whale Albert Pujols has already toured the spankin' new, $515 million retractable roof stadium in Miami. Prince Fielder, the other giant free agent still on the market, hasn't had a tour yet, but there has been a ridiculous amount of speculation that he may end up there. What are the chances one of these guys will land in Florida with Ozzie Guillen and the stupid new uniforms? Either way, this team is about to become one to reckon with, with or without those two.

Reyes followed the dollar signs out of New York after spending the last 12 years of his life in the organization. The 28-year-old signed there back when he was 16 and went on to bring home the Mets’ first NL batting title when he hit .337 with 16 triples and 39 stolen bases last season. The four-time All-Star and three-time stolen base champ, though a bit injury prone, will likely make Hanley Ramirez move from short stop to third base. Poor guy.

And poor Mets fans.

[New York Times]


Bass said...

Poor Mets fans indeed.

Anonymous said...

Those eyebrows make him look gangsta. And stupid.

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