Mark DeRosa Still Plays Baseball, Signs with Washington Nationals for One Year

In the midst of rebuilding with several attempts to finally become contenders in the National League East, the Washington Nationals have signed Mark DeRosa out of free agency. This isn't quite as big of news as the Gio Gonzalez trade, but we thought at least Mark deserved some credit for persuading a team to pay him to play for them.

The 36-year-old utility player spent last season with the San Francisco Giants batting .279 in 86 at bats. Not a lot of action there at all after having surgery on two separate occasions in last two years for recurring problems with his left wrist. Considering players use their wrists all the time to do all sorts of things... like hit, catch, throw, and high five, this is never good.

DeRosa has a .272 career batting average over 14 big league seasons with six different organizations, as displayed in the lovely photo montage at the top of this post.

All kidding aside, this deal gives the Nationals an undisclosed amount of versatility on the bench and an extra option all over the infield in the unfortunate event that someone gets hurt and is unable to perform. DeRosa has spent time at all four infield positions and has even started some in right field, so he'll make a handy back-up.

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Oh the many faces (and grey hairs) of Mark DeRosa. I totally thought he retired last year.

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