David Price Gets Mildly Pissed at Stranger Urinating on his Car

(Terrible pun fully intended)

David Price got a nice surprise on Friday as he exited 717 South restaurant in Tampa, Fl. where he was serving as a guest bartender at a charity event when he found either a deranged individual or New York Yankees fan taking a whiz on his vehicle.

The man was also taken by surprise and actually took a swing at the Rays lefty when he was done peeing on the ace's car door. Luckily, Price ducked the punch and was unscathed in the disgusting event. He had this to say regarding the matter:

"I was relieved with how it turned out."

Ah, funny guy. But seriously, what the hell is wrong with people?

Speaking of the Rays and people doing stupid shit, former Tampa Bay outfielder Manny Ramirez has been officially reinstated by Major League Baseball. All he has to do now is find a team who wants to deal with his shenanigans, serve his reduced 50-game suspension, and play ball.

[The Heater]


Megs said...


Chase Christiansen said...

At least the guy pissed on Price's door and not down his leg like the entire Rays team did in the playoffs

KathyBaseball said...

Isn't "deranged individual" or "New York Yankees fan" the same thing?

:) Sorry, couldn't resist

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