San Diego Padres Give Mark Kotsay Another Shot for $1.25 Million

Apparently, Mark Kotsay is not done playing baseball.

For whatever reason, the San Diego Padres feel Kotsay will be able to contribute to their outfield situation... because he's certainly not going to do anything for their run-scoring situation. Anyway, he's one of the few big leaguers to more or less beg to play there:

"There was no secret that I wanted to come back and play here... At this point, all signs pointed to coming back to San Diego. It's tied to multiple things. My family is here and it gives me a chance to be part of an organization that's growing. I still have multiple friends in this organization. I even think the clubhouse staff is still the same. I'm excited."

I'm sure you are.

Kotsay was with the team from 2001-03, where he never really did anything spectacular. The 35-year-old, who has bounced around seven different organizations during his 15-year career, is a .278 lifetime hitter.

He took it up a notch with the Milwaukee Brewers during his attempted comeback season last year and batted .270 with three home runs and 31 RBI. Good luck, buddy!


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Megs said...

"I'm excited."

I'm sure you are.