There's Always Next Year, Diamondbacks Fans

Welcome to this season's third edition of There's Always Next Year, starring the Arizona Diamondbacks!

Nyjer Morgan is T-Clutch, which he prefers to be called when he is kicking ass, taking names, and driving in walkoff runs to advance his team to the National League Championship Series. The Brewers advanced Friday night and sent the Diamondbacks packing for the offseason in the 10th inning of their 3-2 walkoff victory, with Carlos Gomez absolutely cruising around the horn to score the winning run off Morgan's base hit.

But enough about the game and how awesome it was. Let's continue on with the Snakes' obituary... in sad photo montage.

Winner, Winner, NLCS Dinner...
[Brew Crew Ball] | [Miller Park Drunk] | [Bernie's Crew]

Don't Jump...
[Venom Strikes] | [DBacks Venom] | [AZ Snakepit]


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Anonymous said...

I love Nyjer Morgan. He's like Milton Bradley without the psycho.

Sooze said...

That is such a terrible comparison anonymous. Downright mean even. He's more like... the Ocho Cinco of baseball. I don't like that one either, but I think it's more accurate. He's one of a kind. :)

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