Nyjer Morgan Calls Family Seating Incident in St. Louis "Bush League"

As the NLCS Turns...

Just when we thought that perhaps the bitter rivalry between the St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers , we get the news of the unfortunate FAMILY SEATING INCIDENT.

The Brewers were super pissed when they showed up at Busch Stadium on Wednesday to discover that the 350 tickets allotted to their family members for the three NLCS games in St. Louis were not exactly where they supposed to be.

The entire bunch were supposed to be seated in an awesome party suite, but only 200 tickets were designated for that area with the other 150 scattered throughout the ballpark. This, just a day after Tony La Russa filed an official complaint regarding Miller Park's scoreboard. We're not even going to get into that whole ordeal, because it's dumb as hell, but you can read more about it here.

Nyjer Morgan, the main instigator of this particular rivalry, had this to say:

"You know I think it's bush [league]. Our families, they've got to be secured. It's kind of garbage. We put their [families] in a secure section and then they want to spread ours out. I don't know why they play the mental games, but that right there, they shouldn't play the games right there because that's our family and our family has got to be secure. But that's just them, that's how they operate right there I guess."

Bush league... like plowing into catchers at the plate when there's clearly no play being made? Or charging the mound after you lose your temper? Or just because you struck out? We all know what they say about opinions.

We do think it's worth noting, however, that the families of St. Louis players were all seated behind home plate within the safety of the net while in Milwaukee, and the family members of the Philadelphia Phillies players were given the same courtesy at Busch Stadium during the NLDS...

Game 4 is all set for 8:05pm ET on TBS. Enjoy.



Megs said...

Ha! Nothing like the pot calling the kettle black...