Derek Holland, It's Been Fun but We Are Begging You to Shave

Texas Rangers left-hander Derek Holland threw 8.1 scoreless innings in Game 4 against the St. Louis Cardinals Sunday night to come away with a 4-0 victory and tie up the best-of-seven series at two games a-piece. He was razor sharp.

All while sporting that ridiculous mustache. Puberty is uncomfortable for everyone, especially when you're on National television.

Please... please shave it off. But please don't stop your Ron Washington impersonation.

Also, this totally happened between the sixth and seventh innings.


Megs said...

Hahahaha for real. That thing is gross.

Sooze said...


Anonymous said...

He should use some of Brian Wilson's shoe polish to at least make it look existent.

Bassmaster said...

The look on his face, everything, resembles my 8th grade school picture. From 1974.

TwinsGoddess said...