Bud Norris Calls Out Brian Wilson for Stupid Taco Bell Commercial

Houston Astros pitcher Bud Norris, who has reason enough to dislike Brian Wilson's antics (his team sucks and Wilson pitches for an NL rival who totally won the World Series last season) has called out the San Francisco Giants closer on Twitter.

Norris made it clear in English and Spanish that he has nothing against B-Weezy or whatever he calls himself these days, but that his commercials pretty much suck. We tend to agree wholeheartedly. Maybe he can call out Joe Mauer next... he can choose from ads such as Head & Shoulders, Gatorade, Pepsi, Kemps, and of course, Sony Playstion.

If you haven't already, visit With Leather to read the recent Dugout featuring Brian Wilson, the Director, and the nastyass XXL Chalupa. You know, even with all the negative publicity surrounding his lame-ass commercial, I'm pretty sure Wilson couldn't care LE$$.

If you haven't seen the ad, then you haven't watched any baseball this postseason.

[Big League Stew]


Megs said...


Bassmaster said...

I think its awesome when ballplayers are in commercials, especially when they're witty. Brian Wilson: you sir, are not witty.

Peyton Davis said...

I disagree,you either like over the top ridiculous comedy or hate it. No middle ground. I love it, its obnoxious and suppose to be like most Will Farrel movies.

Sooze said...

Peyton, I laugh at literally everything. My sense of humor knows no bounds. Had Wilson done this commercial a year ago, I probably would've laughed since I got a kick out of his previous commercials... it's just that his beard shtick with the bizarre humor unfortunately just doesn't do it for me anymore.

That, combined with the appearance of the ad every other commercial break (I watch A LOT of baseball and MLB Network, so that's like 15 times a day) is just too much to handle. Pure Brian Wilson overload.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sooze here. Its getting old.

Kevin said...

Last time I checked, B. Wilson and his team didn't even make the #postseason. Go away.

Go Dbacks!

Chels Lynn said...

Sooze, I can see that and agree. I just think its Brian Wilson and he seems like a person who would be overload in general so I guess I didn't expect different in a commercial.

Meredith said...

Ugh, I wish just he'd let go of the nasty beard. It's been a whole year! He really is good looking without it, so he should just do everyone a favor and get rid of it already...jeez.

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