Ozzie Guillen to Manage Miami Marlins and Their Stupid New Logo

Update: The Miami Marlins logo has been leaked via Twitter (how else?) and fans are having mixed emotions about it. We think it's lame, but don't really give a crap either way.

I guess we all pretty much knew already that Ozzie Guillen, upon his parting with the Chicago White Sox Monday evening, would end up managing the Miami Marlins next season... we just weren't sure when it would be announced.

The club, who handed Guillen a four-year, $10 million contract, wasted little time in making the reunion public, introducing the team to their new manager just hours before their final game at Tropicana Field Wednesday. Marlins owner Jeff Loria is not concerned in the least about the outspoken skipper "ruffling any feathers" upon his arrival in Florida:

"I couldn’t care less about feathers, I don’t have any feathers. And I don’t care about him ruffling anybody. Ozzie has his opinions, and he’s entitled to them. You know that going in. But Ozzie comes with a great pedigree.

Hopefully Ozzie doesn't have any hard feelings toward general manager Ken Williams or the rest of the South Side organization. Hopefully he looks at it this way: he gets to start over with a brand new ball club in a brand new ballpark donning a brand new era. That is something very few managers get to experience. The third base coach with the Marlins' World Series team back in 2003, Ozzie is looking forward to a new chapter in his baseball career:

It’s a big, big step in my career... Hopefully I can bring energy, flavor and enthusiasm, but the most important thing is a winning team. I’m very excited about the new park, it’s pretty nice— wow. I hope the fans will be excited about the new era for the Marlins. They should be excited. I want the fans to go there and say, `This is a beautiful ballpark, but let’s watch the guys play."

Good luck Ozzie! Let's see if you can turn around these last-place fish.

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Anonymous said...

Marlins fans have no idea what they're in for.