Tony La Russa is Being a Big Baby

Apparently, Tony La Russa has never been to Detroit.

The St. Louis Cardinals manager said Tuesday that the heckling he and his team experienced in Milwaukee during their 8-7, 11-inning victory that night was completely out of control. One fan went as far as to tell him he hoped he would get shingles, which he suffered from for a couple months at the beginning of the season. That's wasn't so nice I guess.

As a result, Miller Park security kicked out several fans near St. Louis’ dugout during the game. La Russa had this to say after the ordeal:

"It’s going way too far when they start cursing your family and the funniest one, the guy’s yelling, 'I hope you get shingles again.' That’s just stupid. But when you watch and you ignore our guy get drilled when the other guy gets a little stinger, it’s irritating. That’s what all these idiots up there -- not idiots -- fans are yelling. I don’t want to even hear about Braun getting a little pop in the back when we almost lose [Pujols] in several ways."

While the fans were a little rowdy at best, the two sides were involved in a couple brushbacks themselves. Albert Pujols was nailed in the seventh inning by a 91-mph Takashi Saito fastball on his bad wrist, which delayed the game for a bit. X-rays returned negative, so it's all good. Of course, All-Star Ryan Braun was plunked by Jason Motte in Milwaukee’s very next at-bat.

Furthermore, La Russa got his panties all up in a bunch over some comments made by Brewers TV analyst and former catcher Bill Schroeder, who referred to the situation as "bush league" when discussing the inning. However, he claims he was not directing the comment toward the skipper, who he spoke to via phone the next morning.

The Brewers went on to beat the Cards 10-5 Wednesday. So there.

[Bleacher Report]


Marea said...

Love the picture.
And seriously.. It's Milwaukee.. Land where the beer flows like water. And he's surprised why? Wuss.

Sooze said...


Jason said...

It turns out the Brewers' fan who was yelling "I hope you get shingles again" at Tony La Russa was actually someone with a speech impediment trying to help Craig Counsell out of his 0 for 45 slump...

UnHoly Diver said...

disclaimer - I've been a Cardinals for over 50 years, but unlike most of CardinalNation, I'm a realist. I don't drink the kool-aid, wearing Cardinal-colored glasses, etc.

Don Tony has always been one who could dish it out but not take it; always. There's a video somewhere of him getting into with Post-Dispatch maven Bernie Miklasz that is priceless.
He's also an eye for an eye manager, despite his plethora of protestations over the years, and it has not garnered him a lot of friends within the managerial circle. Also, if you dare leave his coaching staff for a job with another team, you're persona non grata with him. Just ask Rene Lachemann or Jim Riggleman.
I don't know who the team will hire to succeed him(popular opinion is that Oquendo is Manager-in-waiting, but who knows), but the sooner he goes, the better. Yeah, it could cost the Cardinals several of their big stars if he goes after this year(AP and Carpenter for two), but that's life.

UnHoly Diver said...

Oh yeah; I've had shingles, and it is painful, but if someone yelled at me, "I hope you get shingles again", I'd laugh it off, because, seriously; that's the best you could come up with?

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