Night Of The Walk-Offs

Is it just me, or has Major League Baseball been using this week to try to be a bigger attention whore than a Kardashian? First, you get Jim Thome crushing back to back homeruns to become the 8th player in history to hit 600 homeruns (and just the 5th to do so without being a cheater cheater pumpkin eater). Then, we see not one but TWO triple plays (one of which was totally lame but still not something you see every day). And now? FIVE walk-off wins in one night - one of which was achieved with a grand slam. Seriously.

The Braves beat the Giants with a second walk-off in as many games with a two-out, 11th inning single by Martin Prado. The White Sox did it with a 14th inning single by Juan Pierre to top the Indians - and to gain a game on them in the AL Central. The Brewers had Mark Kotsay as their hero, knocking in the game winner with a single in the bottom of the 9th. But the two most dramatic wins were in Pittsburgh and Houston.

The Pirates' Garrett Jones hit his second career walk-off homer to beat St. Louis in the 11th. It was his 14th bomb of the season. He's been on fire this week, going 4-5 on Monday against the Giants, and helping the Pirates snap a 10 game skid that basically squashed their post season chances. And in Houston, Brian Bogusevic came off the bench to pinch hit in the 9th with bases loaded and launched it over the fence to beat the Cubs 6-5. The Astros had also been on a losing streak, having lost their last seven. Bogusevic isn't exactly your typical power hitter either - it was just his second career home run. Way to go, buddy!

Very few things in baseball will make a fan pee themselves a little like the walk-off win. Atlanta must be running low on adult diapers, as the Braves alone have had ten walk-off victories this season. Kansas City, despite their abysmal record every this year have the most walk-offs in the Majors this season with 11. On the other end of the spectrum, Cincinatti has been slapped with 11 walk off losses this year. Ouch.

What can possibly happen for the rest of the season to top the past few days? And please, don't say a word about A-Rod coming off the DL and passing Junior to be 5th on the all time homerun list. That's not exciting, it's infuriating.

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Drake said...

Since my Royals are totally out of it this season, as usual, it's nice to see some fun baseball. Watching my team is damn depressing.