Make Up Facts About Joe Mauer, Win Cool Stuff

That picture is ridiculous. Who does this guy think he is, Tony La Russa?

Anytime Fitness is running a campaign involving one of their spokesmen, and one of our favorite guys in the whole world, Joe Mauer. The deal is, you make up a random "fact" about Joe Mauer, submit it in their comments section, and voilĂ . You're entered for a chance to win some sweet Mauer Memorabilia. Not a bad deal at all.

Some of our favorites include:

"Joe Mauer is so wholesome that when you look up the word wholesome in the dictionary you won't see a picture of Joe Mauer because it's on the same page as whore and that made him uncomfortable so he left."

"Joe Mauer is so wholesome, kittens send each other Youtube videos of him."

"Joe Mauer once went to The Virgin Islands...when he left they were just called The Islands."

Sometimes Joe's car refuses to start just because it wants him to sit in it for a few more minutes."

What are you people waiting for? Go submit your Mauer Fact now, and then come back here and crack us up.

Speaking of Diamond Studs, check out this list of baseball's sexiest players, done by lady poll.

[Anytime Fitness]


Anonymous said...

"Who does this guy think he is, Tony La Russa?"

Equally as big of a whiner.

Megs said...

Joe Mauer doesn't have to do a damn thing for a Klondike bar.

KathyBaseball said...

Joe Mauer is so good, and so good for you, that MILK is starting a "Got Mauer?" campaign.

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