Barry Bonds Has a Heart of Gold

Like many bloggers and baseball fans who enjoy the purity of the sport, we've been pretty hard on Barry Bonds in the past. Okay, really hard on him.

However, with the news of the Home Run King donating enough money to the family of Bryan Stow -- the paramedic and single father who was on March 31 at the Home Opener against their rival San Francisco Giants -- for his young children to attend college, we've had a change of heart. In fact, we're blown away.

Also, Giants ace Tim Lincecum withdrew $25,000 from his personal bank account and donated it to the Stow family fund to help with their outrageous medical bills. That also impresses us greatly.

This story brought tears to our eyes. Thank you Barry, Big Time Timmy Jim, and the rest of the Giants organization for being generous, loving human beings during one of the darkest times of this family's life.

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