Andre Ethier's Hit Streak Intact but at a Standstill

We talked a little bit about Andre Ethier's impressive hitting streak on Tuesday, even though we were a little reluctant to considering the luck we've had when opening our big mouths in the past.

The Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder was scratched from Wednesday's game against the Chicago Cubs (which his team ended up losing 5-1) with a sore left elbow. Although he made it clear that he was willing to sacrifice his streak for one pinch-hit late in the game, he never even got the chance since Carlos Zambrano was being so unhittable.

We've always like Ethier. In fact, we were a little irritated back in the summer of 2009 when Manny Ramirez came back from his first steroid-related suspension and Ethier was thrown back on the bench like some sort of worthless replacement, even though he was ten times the player Manny was that season and stepped up huge during those 50 games.


Anyways, Ethier, who is batting .370 with three homers and 17 RBI this season, had this to say regarding the current situation:

"I was prepared to go up there and have a last-inning at-bat today, if that’s what the case was, and put it all on the line for one at-bat to get a hit. But I’m not frustrated because I couldn’t keep the streak going today. I’m frustrated because we lost four of six on an important homestand where we were trying to catch our breath after getting off to a tough opening month. That’s not a good sign."

Get well soon, buddy!


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