Andre Ethier is a Naughty Boy

Major League Baseball is "looking into" the obscene gestures made by Andre Ethier during batting practice on Monday. Lame.

Seriously, I've seen a lot more obscene things than a ballplayer flipping the bird. If he gets fined for this hot photograph, I'm going to write a long post about how fucking stupid and old Bud Selig is.

Read Ethier's scripted apology here.

Hat Tip for the pic goes straight to The Big Lead.

[Hardball Talk]


Lauren T. said...

If that's the most obscene thing someone's seen (or heard) at batting practice, that must have been the first time they ever went to batting practice. ;) Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourselves MLB

UKChris said...

Reminds me of this...

Megs said...

I look forward to your "Bud Selig is Fucking Old and Stupid" post.

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