Tough Break for Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton has landed on the disabled list once again, this time with a broken arm.

The Texas Rangers left fielder is expected to screw up millions of fantasy baseball teams miss six to eight weeks after fracturing his upper right arm on a headfirst dive into home plate Tuesday during his team's 5-4 loss to the Detroit Tigers.

The reigning American League MVP later called the play on a foul popup near the dugout "stupid" even though he totally threw third base coach Dave Anderson under the bus while doing so:

"The whole time the ball was in the air, the coach was yelling, ‘Go, there’s no one at home,’ and I was thinking, ‘I don’t want to do this, something is going to happen.’ But I listened to my coach. It was way too aggressive. Maybe if they had both been closer to me, but they had a perfect angle to cut me off, and the only way to avoid a tag in that situation is to go head first.”

This is why they teach you the fundamentals in little league... like keeping your eye on the ball, following through on your throws, and not diving head-first into home plate.

Get well soon, Josh.

[ESPN: Stephania Bell]


deborah said...

Did he go to the Nick Punto School of Base Running?