Happy Trails Carlos Delgado

It's okay, we thought Carlos Delgado already retired, too. I guess now it's official!

The former first baseman for the New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays, who hasn't played since May 2009 due to a hip injury, announced his intent to hang up his glove Wednesday. Unfortunately, he was just 27 longballs away from reaching the 500 Home Run Club after 17 big league seasons, where he accumulated a .280 career batting average.

Announcing his decision at a news conference in his native Puerto Rico, the 38-year-old Delgado reflected on his career:

"There comes a moment when you have to have the dignity and the sense to recognize that something is not functioning. You can’t swim against the current... And this coming from a man who had nine operations, it is a sad moment as a human being and athlete that some of your abilities aren’t what they once were."

That just bummed me out... Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Delgado.

[Toronto Star]

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Marea said...

Wait... He really hadn't retired?!
Next thing you know, Barry Bonds will announce his official retirement... From the big house. Isn't he still waiting for his phone to ring?