Brian Wilson and Cody Ross Are Dynamite

In case that whole baseball thing doesn't work out for Giants' bearded closer Brian Wilson and the adorably smiley Cody Ross, they may have found themselves another career opportunity... as lip sync artists.

Wilson and Ross are the latest guest stars in a YouTube video by Keenan Cahill. Cahill is a 16 year old internet sensation who has gained popularity lip synching along to various songs. Previous guest stars include 50 Cent, Jersey Shore's Pauly D, and Nick Cannon. Cahill has a rare disease, Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, which gives him a dwarf like appearance.

The Giants are holding a fundraiser for Keenan at their May 25th game against the Florida Marlins.

And now.. for your viewing enjoyment, we present to you their video. Enjoy!


Megs said...

That was AWESOME.