Well, This Sucks

Brewers fans will have to wait a few weeks after the season starts before they get to see their new ace Zack Greinke take the mound. The new addition to the team is going to start the season on the disabled list after fracturing a rib during a basketball game with buddies a few weeks ago.

Greinke was quoted as saying:
"I've been doing this for a couple of years now, and people are always saying, 'You're going to get hurt.' It finally caught up to me. I was hoping it was just bruised, but I guess its worse than that. So I guess I have to stop playing [basketball] now. I had a lot of fun while I was doing it, but it wasn't worth it."

Uh... you think?

With this news, it's unclear who the Opening Day starter will be. Chances are it will be Yovani Gallardo, but manager Ron Roenicke hasn't made a final decision yet. Other starters in the Brewers' lineup are broken down battling minor injuries of their own these days - Manny Parra has had back problems, Amaury Rivas has an infected tooth, and Mark Rogers has some shoulder stiffness. Lookin' good, Brew Crew, lookin' real good.

Way to go, Zack. You just made the entire state of Wisconsin cry into their beer.


Anonymous said...

Really Zachery? You were supposed to save the Brewers.

Aaron said...

@anon. Nothing can save the Brewers. They will consistently be a middle of the pack team because they can't figure out how to build around their stars. Fielder and Braun and Grienke are a nice start, but probably not gonna cut it in the NL Central without some veteran role players.

Nicole said...

Veteran role players? For what purpose? They do have Craig Counsell and Mark Kotsay, so they should fulfill your quota.

Aaron said...

@Nicole. I don't even see Kotsay on their depth chart and Counsell is a career .257 hitter, never even cracking .300 once. They needed a free agent or two who can consistently get on base in front of Braun and Fielder.

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