Wear Your Favorite MLB Team on Your Booty

Victoria's Secret has released a new line of MLB apparel, but it might not include your favorite team.

Are you a Pirates, Blue Jays, Marlins, Braves, Reds, or Astros fan? Too bad. You don't get to wear sexy baseball panties... which is super lame.

I happen to know all kinds of hot ladies who are fans of the aforementioned teams. In fact, they love them so much they blog about them:

Braves Love

Hands of My Pirates Booty

Red Hot Mama

Astros-holic Synonymous

Aly Hearts Baseball

I'm disappointed, Vickie's... not that I'm boycotting. I don't think I could handle that.

Speaking of ladies, check out this young woman's journey from being "just another pink hat" to a well-educated female baseball fan. Just the way we like them.

[Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies]


Megs said...

"Hands of My Pirates Booty"


Jacyln said...

What a bunch of crap! Who is the marketing genius that deciding to exclude my Braves?!?

Lauren T. said...

Hi, Braves Love Lauren here. The first piece of VS Pink MLB gear I saw in person was at Wrigley last August. It was a tee in front of me that read "love love love cubs" and I squealed, "MUST. HAVE." ...but for my team, of course.

Well, not only do they not cater to my Braves, but the sizes are juniors, which will never fit my bazoombas. Hi, shirts for all teams, please, and shirts for women who aren't teenagers anymore. Thanks and loves. ;)

Donna said...

Umm, what? There's no SF Giants/Brian Wilson-inspired S&M gear? Sheeeeeeeesh. Hello? Missing a golden marketing opportunity here, VS.

Sooze said...

I know I'm missing some amazing lady who blogs about one of those teams, those five were just off the top of my head. Which means there is definitely a market out there!

Sooze said...

By the way Donna, that comment made me spit a beverage out of my nose. :)

Marea said...

OMG Donna, you're my new BFF.

I bought my Twins undergoods today at VS. And some Twins yoga pants. Because nothing says baseball like yoga pants.

Jersey said...

Bazoombas, s&m, and yoga pants. LOL, you guys are too funny. Don't forget to take some pics of you new gear to show your support ;)

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