Troy Tulowitzki is Good Through 2020

Troy Tulowitzki and the Colorado Rockies agreed to a giant new contract Tuesday that will pay him an extra $132 million over seven seasons through 2020 and $157.75 million over the next decade.

The All-Star shortstop had already been guaranteed $25.75 million through 2013 under the $31 million, six-year contract he agreed to back in January 2008.

Nearing the end of his contract, his salary could skyrocket by $6 million annually depending on his finish in MVP voting, whether he is an All-Star or earns any other awards. Hey, anything is possible: Tulowitzki has finished fifth in MVP voting the last two years.

On the other hand, he'll be 36 when his deal is up and likely in the same spot Derek Jeter is currently in.

Despite missing 33 games with a broken wrist last season, Tulowitzki earned his first National League Silver Slugger and Gold Glove after batting .315 with 27 home runs and 95 RBI and turning 103 doubles plays.

He described his intentions to remain with the Rockies by relating to his idol, Cal Ripken, Jr., who stuck with the Baltimore Orioles for 20 years.

Tulo had this to say about being a millionaire:
I’m really lucky. I can’t wait to be here my entire career. I wanted to stay here for my career and not deal with all the other stuff... this is where I want to be.
Hopefully the Rockies will see the same smooth deveopments when dealing with loose ends Jorge De La Rosa, Ubaldo Jimenez and Carlos Gonzalez.

[Associated Press]


Bassmaster said...

He's a great player now, but 8-10 years from now when he's 36? I think not.