Jose Guillen is [Allegedly] an Idiot

The San Francisco Giants are rolling right through the World Series, winning the first two games at AT&T Park this week. Obviously, this puts the players and the organization in high spirits.

Sadly, their buzz may be killed with the news of outfielder Jose Guillen -- left off the postseason roster due to a nagging neck injury -- being linked to a federal investigation into shipments of performance-enhancing drugs.

Really Jose? Again?

Apparently, several unidentified lawyers informed Major League Baseball just before the playoffs began that they were looking into shipments of human growth hormone that was sent to Guillen's wife, who lives in the Bay Area.

I guess I don't really care to speculate or belittle his injuries, it's just a curious situation: is Guillen not playing this postseason because his neck hurts, or because he's so totally busted again? A source near the investigation tells Hardball Talk's Craig Calcaterra the latter is not the case.

No, this isn't the first time the 34-year-old Guillen has been mixed up in steroid allegations. Back in 2007, the news came to light that he had [allegedly] purchased more than $19,000 worth of HGH, steroids and other random performance-enhancers from the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center between May 2002 and June 2005. He was promptly suspended for 15 days, then the news got old and everyone pretty much forgot what a cheater he [allegedly] was. Until now.

Hopefully this crap won't distract the Misfits in their quest for a ring. Or, if you're a Rangers fan, hopefully it will.



Megs said...

First of all, Jose Guillen is definitely an idiot if he's messing arounf with HGH again. Second, hind-sight certainly is 20/20... especially in sports betting. :)

BaconPants said...

Although I don't think the Rangers are out of it completely, I just don't see them winning the next four games to make you win the bet. Sorry Sooze! :-(

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