Roy Halladay is a Beast

At 6:26 pm, Central time, I texted Sooze and said "Halladay has a fucking no-no going with 2 outs in the 8th. One walk. Holy Shit." (Yes, I'm a bit of a sailor when it comes to my vocabulary.) At 6:27 pm, Central time I thought to myself "Oh shit. I really hope I didn't just jinx Doc's no-no." Luckily for Doc, my bad luck with jinxing post-season games doesn't extend to the National League because at 6:43 I then texted Sooze again and said "OMFG he did it".

Halladay, who had a perfect game earlier this season, pitched the second postseason no-hitter in MLB history. Wow. This came as a welcome distraction to me while I'd been pacing back and forth waiting for the Twins/Yankees game to start. Doc also knocked in a run in the 4-0 victory over the Reds. NLDS MVP anyone? Finally escaping from Toronto this year, Doc gets to make his postseason hopes and dreams come true. It's about time.

Congratulations, Doc, on firmly cementing your place in postseason history. Your badassery knows no bounds.


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He is so good. Green Man to the World Series!!!

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