San Francisco Giants Homers Means Free Weed For All!

This could quite possibly be the best baseball promotion ever. No, it definitely is the best baseball promotion ever.

For every San Francisco Giants home run hit during the World Series, ReLeaf Herbal Center will donate one doobie to each Giants fan present at the local marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.

Free grass. It's more fun than checking out baseball lines.

Oh but that's not all. ReLeaf is also offering a super special, bright orange strain of pot at a discounted price, as well as a THC-infused orange drink called "Giant Punch." Yummy.

It's just too bad Big Time Timmy Jim will be pitching tonight. Maybe he can sneak away during Game 2... and get his hands on the valid prescription needed to obtain said doobage.

Speaking of joints, check out these videos of pothead Giants fans from our pal Josh Q. Public.



Jackie said...

Hopefully Lincecum will be lighting up the Rangers tonight!!