Big Time Timmy Jim Crushes the Braves

Yikes, this really is the year of the pitcher.

A day after , Tim Lincecum was absolutely dealing in his postseason debut. Holding the Atlanta Braves to just two hits over nine innings, Big Time Timmy Jim struck out an incredible 14 batters in a ridiculous lights-out performance during game one of the NLDS at AT&T Park.

Meanwhile, one run was all his San Francisco Giants needed. Unfortunately, that run was scored on a questionable umpiring call.

The down-right filthy back-to-back Cy Young award winner may have out-dueled Derek Lowe, a seasoned playoff vet, but after Buster Posey (also awesome) was called safe on a steal at second by umpire Paul Emmel in the fourth -- when was clearly out on the tag by Brooks Conrad -- Cody Ross singled him in. Yay human element!

Here's what Timmy had to say about his masterpiece:

As far as shutouts go, I think that was up there with my better ones. I was pretty anxious to get out there a couple days ago. You just have to deal with those extra days.
His only other complete game of the season came by way of six-hit shutout of the New York Mets back in July. Way to go buddy!

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Lauren T. said...

As a Braves fan, the only good thing I can say about our performance last night was how great our pitchers were. My boy Jonny Venters was lights out for an inning and a third and Bobby ran through just about everyone else in the bullpen (as usual). Now we just need to wake up our bats and fix the holes in our gloves... and get the umps some glasses, in all the DS games!