Nyjer Morgan Will Charge Your Mound

Nyjer Morgan does not take kindly to getting hit by a pitch. Or having fastballs whizzing behind him.

The Washington Nationals leadoff hitter charged the mound Wednesday after a Chris Volstad pitch sailed behind him, igniting a bench-clearing brawl during the Florida Marlins' 16-10 victory.

Morgan has had a hell of a week. It all started Tuesday night, when he separated Florida catcher Brett Hayes' shoulder during a 10th inning collision at home plate. Slow down there, Pete Rose.

Then in the fourth inning of Wednesday night's contest, Volstad nailed him with a pitch. Nyjer then stole second and third with his team trailing 14-3. Two innings later, Volstad let his first pitch sail behind Morgan, who promptly charged the mound. That's about when the shit hit the fan.

"I saw him running out," said Volstad. "Obviously he’s not coming out there to talk."

Morgan swung and missed at the pitcher’s face before Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez clothes-lined him (awesome move) knocking off his helmet as he fell to the ground. Benches cleared as both managers yelled at each other during the melee.

Morgan, who is currently appealing a seven-game suspension for throwing a ball at a fan in the stands in Philadelphia on Aug. 21, also tried to crush St. Louis Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson during a collision at the plate last Saturday.

Is he a loose cannon, or just a ballplayer who doesn't mind doing things like getting physical in order to score a run? We want your vote: is Nyjer Morgan a passionate baseball player or a crazyperson? Either way, he's been pretty entertaining lately.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet moves Gaby!!! LOL

The Angry Fan said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with a little passion, Is there a rule that says you can't steal bases when you are down 10 runs? I love the passion! Great piece ladies!

Megs said...

That was AWESOME!!!

Brandon said...

I vote crazyperson. First of all, this was a meaningless game where his team was getting crushed. Second, his team is the Washington Nationals. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

I'd be a loose cannon too if I played for one of the worst teams in baseball...

Andrea said...

A bit of a crazyperson. I don't mind stealing bases when you're behind... you want to win. But that charging the catcher play looked more mean than necessary. He probably could have scored with a slide. And then his reaction after the brawl? Crazy.

Das said...

That was amazing. One of the best highlights of the season.

Kirsten said...

I love passion in a ball player ... some of the best players do their best because they're passionate about the game.

But at some point, "passionate" can become "bat shit crazy." Morgan may have reached that point. I don't want him any where near *my* team!

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