The Pepsi Refresh Project

Last week, I mentioned how we love MLB players doing good deeds for their communities, and now we thought we should mention another project that we think is wonderful. The Pepsi Refresh project is currently underway, and we think you should be voting your little hearts out for your favorite project. You may have seen the commercials or seen snippets about it online, but we thought you should have all of the information, so you can cast your vote with confidence.

Pepsi is giving away millions of dollars to fund ideas that are refreshing communities across America. They are giving grants to people/groups to realize their dreams of bettering the world. The ideas range from helping the homeless, education programs, supporting our vets, recycling programs, and the list goes on and on. We, being obsessed with baseball, had to bring to your attention the fact that some of the MLB teams are getting involved as well. They're competing for a $200,000 grant for some very worthy causes and ideas.

You can bet that we'll be casting our votes. I, for one, have a soft spot in my heart for people in wheelchairs - like my dad! - and I will be voting for Michael Cuddyer and the Minnesota Twins for their idea to create a ballpark for a youth wheelchair softball team.

But even though I'd like you to vote my way, there are so many other worthy ideas. To see them all, take a few minutes to visit MLB.com. Hopefully you'll find a cause that you think is worthy,and cast your vote as well.

[Pepsi Refresh Project] [MLB.com]


Sue Warner said...

Thanks for the posting. I work at Courage Center, and have been a client. Our wheelchair athletes are amazing, talented, competitive athletes and truly need a wheelchair softball field. We appreciate your votes for the Twins in the Pepsi Refresh project.