Go to Your Room, Charlie Manuel

Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel has been suspended for one game after making contact with an umpire. Not only was he fined an undisclosed amount, he will not be present for tonight's game at Pittsburgh against the Pirates.

Manuel was tossed in the top of the 10th inning during his team's 9-6 victory over the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday for arguing balls and strikes: a big no-no. Home plate ump C.B. Bucknor was apparently none-to-pleased after the skipper bumped his forehead with the brim of his cap while ranting and raving.


In other Phillies news, second baseman Chase Utley will be undergoing surgery on his mangled thumb, which he jammed sliding into second base Monday night. Although the timetable for his return is unknown at this point, the procedure usually requires 4-8 weeks of rest and rehabilitation.

But don't be discouraged fantasy players and/or Phillies fans! Remember when Chutley made a triumphant return from surgery in just under a month back in 2007? You may be lucky enough to see him back in red pinstripes as early as late-July... although I wouldn't count on it.

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Anonymous said...

I understand the rule of not touching the umpires, but seriously, the brim of his cap? What's next, I mean does spit count when a manager is screaming?

Sooze said...

I imagine hazardous bodily fluids such as spit and sweat are cause for greater concern than the brim of a cap, but I don't believe Lou Piniella or Bobby Cox have ever been suspended for frothing at the mouth.

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