Get on the TwinsTrain, Minnesota Fans!

Even the Tiger wanted to kick my ass.

Even though my hometown Minnesota Twins dropped this weekend's series to their American League Central rival Detroit Tigers and sunk to third place in the standings, I still had a blast watching both beat-downs on Friday and Saturday at Comerica Park on the TwinsTrain. Here are a few pictures and some details about the amazing trip...

Comerica Park is gorgeous
Our chartered shuttle departed from the Twin Cities a little before 2:00am CT on Friday, and with minimal stops, arrived at our downtown Detroit destination around 3:30pm ET. The ride was comfortable and quiet once these five guys with the bachelor party passed out. Just kidding, they were complete gentlemen.

By the way, the TwinsTrain shuttle was driven by the most awesome guy to have ever driven a bus (Ed is pictured left, next to Scott Povolny, the genius TwinsTrain proprietor who made this incredible experience possible.)

Ed and Scott
When we arrived at the lovely Hotel St. Regis (where even some of the hotel staff heckled us but made up for it with their luxurious pillows) we settled into our rooms and got ready to head down to beautiful Comerica for Game 1 of the three-game series.

This is not the real Ty Cobb, it's a statue.
By far the nicest fans we ran into were these two little Tigers fans who are absolutely adorable. Thanks for the high fives you two, even though your parents probably weren't thrilled about you talking to a stranger in a Joe Mauer jersey!

cutest little Tigers fans ever.
We had awesome seats at the left field wall, where we were threatened to have beer thrown on us and warned to shut the hell up all three times we cheered for a Twins run. I wasn't scared, just a little disappointed in the behavior of a few of the opposing fans. Even a 4-year-old cussed at me... not the one pictured above, she was awesome.

please don't throw your warm Bud Light on my head.
Thankfully, those jerks were not the majority. We ran into several nice folks who wondered why on earth we would travel 12 hours to the former Heartbeat of America, and who gave us tips on where to hang out and also, where to never, ever walk alone.

TwinsTrain travelers on The Roof at Hockeytown
After the 7-3 Tigers victory which was followed by a fantastic fireworks show, we checked out the Motown night life, including The Roof at Hockeytown. Good times were had by all before we snuggled into our hotel beds, ready for day two of our mini vacation.

At Hockeytown with some fellow TwinsTrain ladies
We hung out at Chris Chelios' bar across from the ballpark before the game and got to know each other the following afternoon. Everyone on the trip was great, and I believe we've formed some lasting bonds as Twins fans in hostile enemy territory.

After pounding some beers at Cheli's, we headed to the ballpark's Tiger Den for a terrific view of the field and a complimentary buffet where I pretty much ate my weight in prime rib and cheesecake. Delicious.

The view from the Tiger Den
Then the Twins lost again, this time by a score of 7-4. Game 2 would have been a total disaster if not for the endless entertainment of this annihilated shirtless heckler who had mistaken Delmon Young for Delwyn Young, and thought Nick Blackburn's first name was Dick. Then he fell down the stairs. Yes, we all remember our first daiquiri, too.

After the game on Saturday, we were able to disperse and check out all of what Detroit had to offer. We hung out in Greektown for a while and checked out the casino, where yes, we ate yet another buffet. Too bad I didn't check out any poker news before hitting the tables! However, the two cent slots did end up paying for my midnight supper and drinks.

Minnesota Twins
I highly suggest you check out the TwinsTrain website, where you can check out all the different trips available and book your own! I'll definitely be planning another mini ballpark vacation in the near future, and I can't imagine visiting a rival stadium any other way.

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Nikki Sue said...

You know, I am a huge Tiger's fan and I spent the end of June watching a 3-game series in Minneapolis. I do a Tiger's road trip series every year, and (other than the jerk who intentionally spilled about 9.4 ounces of Pepsi & Jack Daniels down the back of my pants) Minnesota Fans were some of the best I have been around (other than those at Comerica Park, obviously). I swear a 300 pound man in Toronto threatened to kick my A** (and I'm a girl) after the Tiger's won a series at Rogers Center. And an Indian's fan tried to push me into oncoming traffic.

I do have to apologize for the half-naked guy, but you were in Detroit, and (as much as I hate to admit it) we have our share of Jacka**es.