Say It Ain't So, Larry Wayne Jones

Chipper Jones may be keeping quiet about a possible early retirement, but we can all see it coming.

Yesterday, the former man of my dreams (yes, replaced by Man Muscles) met with Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox, general manager Frank Wren and team president John Schuerholz to discuss his future with the club.

At 38 years old, the third baseman has struggled on and off with random injuries and has made it apparent that he's pretty frustrated with the way he's played since winning the 2008 National League batting title with a .364 average.

Jones, who is under contract through 2012, is owed $28 million over the next two seasons, which would buy a pretty sweet fishing boat.

Coming into Wednesday’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Chipper is batting just .233 with four homers and 23 RBIs despite an injured ring finger. However, he did go 2-for-5 with a bomb in Tuesday's 10-4 loss, and had this to say afterward:
I will address the media when the time is right. As of right now, all my questions are not answered. When that all happens, I’ll come to you guys and answer as many questions as I can for you guys. Hopefully, it’s very soon.
All good things must come to an end, I suppose.

/single tear

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Megs said...

sad face.

Marea said...

I was SO sad when he wasn't playing when I went to the Twins/Braves game on Sunday, since I KNEW it would have been my last chance to see him. Sniffle.

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