Carlos Zambrano Flips the Hell Out

Carlos Zambrano has clearly lost his mind. The Chicago Cubs fired-up right-hander was suspended indefinitely by general manager Jim Hendry after going batshit crazy during a confrontation with teammate Derrek Lee in the dugout Friday afternoon.

Things got heated right away during his team's 6-0 loss to the cross-town White Sox, as Big Z threw a giant hissy in the middle of the first inning, never to return to the mound... or the stadium... or possibly the organization.
"We'll play with 24 [players] before we tolerate that behavior," Hendry said.
No, this isn't Zambrano's first rodeo... which reminds me of another crazyperson in a baseball uniform, former Cub Milton Bradley, who tested the GM's breaking point for the majority of last season. In fact, let's make a super-fun timeline similar to that of our buddy MB from this spring.

July 2004: Jim Edmonds almost pees his pants in fear after Zambrano throws a baseball at his head, yelling at the poor guy as he rounds the bases off a home run. Z got a five-game break for that one.

June 2007: Puts Michael Barrett in the hospital with a split lip after Barrett started talking smack inside the clubhouse, which led to an all-out brawl in the dugout.

Sept. 2007: Gets murdered by the Dodgers and calls fans out like a true sportsman, "They showed they just care about themselves."

May 2009: Decides he doesn't like the home plate umpire's strike zone, so he slams his glove into dugout fence, attempts to chuck a ball into bleachers, obliterates an entire Gatorade dispenser, and sits out for six games to the tune of $3,000.

June 2010: Flips the hell out in the dugout after an incredible performance in the four-run first, then screams at Derrek Lee as if the gulf oil spill is all his fault. Sweet Lou Piniella then sends Zambrano's whiny ass home before Hendry suspends him indefinitely. Rock bottom? We shall see. Here's the video:

Yeah. Cubs fans are not impressed.

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BlueJayGal said...

What an a-hole! Seriously, make him go to anger management counseling or kick him out of the league. Baseball doesn't need to take any more heat than it already does. Also, he's endangering his teammates. Not cool, buddy.

Megs said...

Not cool at all!!

glandauer said...

Unbelievable So far Milton Bradley has not flipped out here in Seattle though he is slumping.Keep an eye on Carlos Silve he is a hot-head to and had a few scuffles here with the Mariners.Sure was nice to Lou Piniella perform one more time here in Seattle on that call at third Thursday.Anyway great blog!http://jeffsmariners.com

Mrballer said...

Didn't Zambrano said earlier this year he's gonna try to calm down a little and not as explosive as he used to? That promise last like a month and a half..lol

Anonymous said...

These timelines are effin great. The possibilities are endless!

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