THIS Is Why We Love Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen got tossed last night after a little spat with umpire Joe West. Nothing really new, here people. But after the game, Ozzie had a few choice words for West, which made us giggle. Lots.

The fun started when West called a balk during the second inning, and Ozzie went out to have some words with him. Mark Buerhle may or may not have balked, but Ozzie went out to argue that West was trying to embarrass Buerhle. (After all, he couldn't have been going out to argue the balk call, since that isn't allowed, of course.) Of course, Ozzie got tossed at this point and the game resumes.

West has been known to be a little too big for his umpire britches, and some might say he's got it in for the Sox.

In the third inning, Mark Buehrle supposedly balks AGAIN, and West calls it. Buehrle tossed his glove out of frustration, and then HE gets tossed from the game. He lost it, and had to be held back by his team, lest he go choke the living shit out of West. Personally, I would have loved to see West and Buerhle engage in fisticuffs, as I think they both need to get punched in the face. But that's just me.

If you haven't heard what Ozzie had to say after the game, click here. Awesome. Is it a little scary that he makes sense???


Anonymous said...

"Because he's a f---ing a--hole, that's what he is,"

"I don't see any people say, 'I'm going to see Ozzie Guillen manage or Joe West f---ing umpire.'"

"I'll be waiting for my fine. Get it next day..."