This is What They Call a No-No

David Letterman asks Dallas Braden what's up with him and A-Rod and why he wears his bill flat before the Oakland Athletics lefty does the Top Ten List.

and !


Marea said...

Now maybe Justin Bieber will notice me.
Is it just me, or did Letterman seem like he had no idea who Dallas Braden was, what he did, or why he was giving the top ten??

Megs said...

I love how he called Braden out on the flat bill thing. I hate those!

millie said...

Letterman is a total Yankster.
I was forced to stop watching his show last October and November, because of his constant gushing over Teixeira et al.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I actually think Dallas did a great job. He played it well.

(I'd never heard of him before either.)

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