Miguel Cabrera Feels Like a New Man

Have you been curious as to how Miguel Cabrera spent his offseason? Well, he's spent the past three months in rehab, undergoing alcohol abuse treatment in Miami, Florida.

The Detroit Tigers first baseman, who prepared for one of the most important games of the 2009 season by beating the crap out of his wife and getting hammered til 6am the night before the game, put up great numbers for the Tigers last season.

He's hands-down the best hitter on the team, and now that he's healthier, he'll only get better.

"When you've got problems, you can't hide," he said. "As a ballplayer, you do something like that and you have a problem. I want to play a lot of years and right now I feel comfortable. I feel great."
Way to go, Miggy. We're proud of you.

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misterhyde said...

Let's hope it isn't just a cover-up for being a total jerk. If he really does straighten out his act, he could be one of the all-time greatest hitters. Good Luck Miggy, please don't just jerk us around again.