$30 Million For Randy Wolf? Yikes.

Really Milwaukee Brewers? You're dishing out $29.75 million over the next three seasons for Randy Wolf? He's really still a $10 million/year type of guy, huh? Hey, what do I know -- maybe that's why I'm not a GM.

The deal, which is still in the works but was leaked by an anonymous source on Wednesday, even includes a $10 million option for 2013. They may change their minds by then, though. The 34-year-old lefty was 11-7 with a decent 3.23 ERA for the Los Angeles Dodgers this season.

Oh yeah, the Brew Crew wants to give LaTroy Hawkins a two-year deal, too. (Yep. He still plays baseball.) At least they're only dropping $7.5 million on that bomb.

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Blake Lovell said...

While I do like the pickup for the Brewers, that's definitely a lot of money for Wolf. I was hoping the Dodgers would bring him back, but would have never have wanted them to offer that amount of money.

And Hawkins needs to retire. Now.