Merry Christmas Ladies: Grady Sizemore Poses Half Naked for You

Hey there! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, I know I did. Anyway, if you're a woman (...or a gay man) and a baseball fan, there's no doubt you've heard about the sexy myspace-style bathroom pictures of Grady Sizemore which were stolen from his inbox.

If you haven't seen them yet, it's our pleasure to bring the beauties to your attention. Here's one to wet your whistle, and here's the rest. Let this be a lesson to all you guys and gals out there who are considering emailing risque photos of yourself to your significant other. DUMB IDEA. Unless you'd like other folks to possibly see them someday.

P.S. To those of you who've already come to the brilliant conclusion that we are horrible people for stooping so low as to objectify the Cleveland Indians centerfielder, I say... it's not the first time, and it most certainly won't be the last.

[AP] | [Busted Coverage]


Pam said...

Hello nurse! WANT

Timberhill said...

My sister previously considered herself a Grady's Lady, but now finds him to be a bit of a creep.

Megs said...

Good to know Sizemore is just like every other man I know - an egotistical slob who never ever puts the toilet seat down. Not even for sexy cell phone pics

Anonymous said...

To those people who think Sooze and co. are "bad people" and are "objectifying" Sizemore - you're stupid. Look at the guy - he isn't ashamed of his six pack and obviously knows the risks of sending pics to a girl over email. What if they ever broke up? Like she's going to delete them forever and never let another soul see them? That would be inhumane. We're just lucky we didn't have to wait for that to go down.

Anonymous said...

Sooze treats objects like men, man!

RandBall's Stu said...

Please refrain from posting any similar Ron Gardenhire photos. Thanks in advance!

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