There's Always Next Year, Twins Fans

Alex Rodriguez has erased almost all notions of his unclutchness in October, as the New York Yankees swept the Minnesota Twins in their ALDS with a 4-1 Game 3 win on Sunday at the now-extinct Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

The Twins fought an incredible uphill battle to get to the postseason, winning 17 of their final 21 games to force and win a tiebreaker against the division rival Detroit Tigers. However, not even Metrodome magic could stop the Yankees in their quest for a World Series title.

So, we're left with some despondent photography. As always, click to enlarge the bereavement... which I am almost completely over.

Winner Winner ALCS Dinner...

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Don't jump...

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Megs said...


Bassmaster said...

Is that Jorge Posada... on acid?

Marea said...

I'm still not ready to talk about these things. Go Halos, I guess.
I'm going to go hide in the dark and cry some more.

Sooze said...

I'm still not ready to deal either.

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