Joe Mauer's Not a Cheater Lalalalalala

Joe Mauer was tipping pitches to Jason Kubel? Yeah, I'm a total homer when it comes to Man Muscles, so I could give a crap whether people think he's a cheater or not. In fact, he could do some pretty scandalous things (aside from steroid use) and I would still love him to pieces.

However, stealing signs isn't exactly cheating. All Mauer did was give his team a much-needed edge in the midst of a playoff hunt while facing a tough pitcher on his own turf. Anyway, the Twins -- who prolonged their playoff push for one more day this afternoon -- have denied all accusations.

Here's the video, courtesy of Isaac, from the World of Isaac, who I love regardless of his Detroit Tigerness.

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Megs said...

Kubel needs all the help he can get.

World of Isaac said...

can your twins sweep the royals this weekend?

Sooze said...

My $50 sure hopes so... anything is possible ya know. It would be even sweeter if the White Sox played like the spoilers I know they are!

Marea said...

I was going to ask if you saw this yet. Whatever.. This isn't cheating if catchers are too dumb to cover their tracks, really.

Marea said...

PS.. Go White Sox. Barf. I can't believe I said that.

The Sports Idiot said...

The real question is does Mauer do this when he is standing on 1st too? It is odd to touch your ear hole like that.

Either way, it's not cheating, it is smart baseball.

DL said...

part of what makes the twins so good is their mentality of playing blue collar baseball...kind of like a college team. guess what is a way of life in college baseball? picking pitches. smart baseball as far as i'm concerned.

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