Zack Greinke is a Bad Ass

Zack Greinke would have -- at the very least -- 20 wins by now if he pitched for a team that would give him a decent amount of run support. Unfortunately, such is not the case for anyone in the 63-88 Kansas City Royals rotation.

Nevertheless, the lights-out right-hander reinforced his Cy Young bid by holding the Boston Red Sox to just two hits over six scoreless innings Tuesday night, aiding his team to a rare 5-1 victory.

Greinke (15-8) is 3-0 with a minuscule 0.26 ERA in his five most recent starts, surrendering 18 hits and just one earned run over 35 innings, while lowering his big league-leading ERA to 2.08. Man, what a badass.
Manager Trey Hillman admitted his bias, "I’ve seen all his starts. I have a very difficult time believing there is anybody better in the major leagues, that’s as good a pitcher as Zack Greinke is in the year 2009."
His lack in the wins department is the only thing counting against him in the Cy Young discussion. Greinke leads the AL with three shutouts, is second in complete games with six, has 229 strikeouts, and a 1.059 WHIP, just to name a few impressive stats for you nerds out there.

Bad. Ass. Especially for a guy who hyperventilated just thinking about pitching in front of thousands of people just over two years ago.

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Jacob said...

If he doesn't get the Cy Young, I will lose all faith in award voting. Same goes for Joe Mauer and the MVP award. And I'm not even a Royals or Twins fan!